Money From Ebooks-A New Twist

Ebooks have provided a good stream of money for many entrepreneurs. I personally know folks who sell them online and make good money. Two examples are here in my post: Cash Flow Ideas and Search Engine Optimization Results.
If you have a great idea or know who to hire to write your great idea-Ebooks may be worth researching!
Peter Da Vanzo has an interesting post today called: The New Affiliate Aggregation Game. In this new game-you launch an Ebook get-rich-quick-scheme. You Give it away and create an “exclusive” network of people, whom you train, and keep the top performers. I don’t personally know anyone who is doing this but think I’m going to stick with the old fashioned way of Ebook money. How about you-do you know who is playing this new money game?

Steve Mertz
The New affiliate Game Show Me The Money!

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