Money From Gold

Peter Spina is twenty six years old. He is CEO of his own company, makes north of $300,000 a year and his website gets daily traffic of 30,333 visitors! Sweet!
Peter is also a resident of Littleton, Colorado and his niche is talking about Gold on his website GoldSeek. It gets better…He researches and recommends gold stocks on his site and the companies that he touts on his site pay him to advertise on his site! If you think Free Money has a lot of ads 😉 on his site-you ain’t seen anything until you see Spina’s site-just kiddin Free Money!

Like me, you may ask yourself if this is a classic “pump and dump” stock scheme. Fred Joseph, the Colorado securities commissioner, said “Spina isn’t violating any laws-as long as he tells readers he is being paid for the plugs.” “Disclosure is the key,” Joseph said.

Tip of the hat to the Denver Post and Peter Spina-He’s got it going on!!

Steve Mertz
It’s That Mile High Air!

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