Money Ideas from Venture Capitalists

For most of the day venture capitalists read business plan-often woefully lacking. In a turn, Business 2.0 asked venture capitalists what new products they would like to see from entrepreneurs. Samir Kaul and Vinod Khosia might have $2 million dollars for you if you invent a cellphone battery that last five times as long as anything on the market today.

How about an in-dash computer, with a key board built into the steering wheel, that projects data onto a car’s windshield? Jonathan Fram might give your company $5 million to develop and market it.

The magazine says they can’t guarantee you will land a million dollar payday but at least you could get a foot in the door. When you think about it-what better source of new and marketable ideas than to pick the mind of venture capitalists.

Steve Mertz
Calling All Inventors!

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