Money Tip: Being Overweight can be Dangerous to Your Wealth!

Jay Zagorsky, an economist at Ohio State University, has bad economic news for people that are carrying 30 to 40 pounds of extra weight-You will be discriminated against in the wealth arena! He covers the usual costs of extra weight including:life insurance premiums are two to four times as large. They can also have a harder time being hired, and then a harder time winning plum assignments and promotions! The study looks at correlations between economic and social factors and a measure of obesity called the body mass index. This is the same index which has been criticized for its inability to distinguish between a well-muscled person and a fat one.

The end results of the study are startling. The obese accumulate only about half the assets of the normal sized American! Years of weight discrimination studies clearly show there is weight discrimination-I would also venture a guess that there is also a direct correlation between those with severe physical disabilities!

I just wish I’d not read this article as I was having that extra brownie 🙂
Here’s the link to the New York Times article: Extra Weight, Higher Costs.

PS-NY Times is offering a free preview if you can’t get through on this link. Looks like if you click on the graph a few times you get one that you can easily read!

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2 Responses to “Money Tip: Being Overweight can be Dangerous to Your Wealth!”

  1. Larry Nusbaum says:

    Good post!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually as an interesting aside, in Australia at the moment they are looking at introducing a surcharge on health insurance for people in the obese BMI scale range.

    The reasoning being that being overweight is a direct healthrisk and conversely that overweight people cause a much larger drain on healthcare resources.

    Its a novel idea but im not sure that taxing someone more fixes the elemental problems in psychological based weight gain.

    anyway, food for thought

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