Money Tip-Don’t Wait for Your Patent

Many entrepreneurs with great ideas (Are you one of them)-stand frozen in time, while they wait for their patent. If I had to do it again I’d come to the market immediately and not wait for a patent. Apple computer and the IPod is an interesting case study.
By being first to the market place with the IPod, Apple now has 75% of the market share-the competitors are nipping at their heels but Apple is in the drivers seat and it’s their game to lose. By continuing to innovate and make refinements they can continue to win this game and make a ton of money!

I’m still a believer in the patent system but if you’re sitting in a college dorm or a cubicle at work-think about how you can bring your great idea to the market and worry about the patents later-Your patent attorney may have a different view, so do consult one! Here’s a related post on to patent or not: Great Idea? Don’t Wait for Patent!

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