Money Tip for Monday

Today I had to replace my two front tires on my car. Living in Colorado, driving with racing slicks for tires, is not an option. Are you listening all you new folks from Southern California? Anyway, I went over to Discount Tires to see how much money I could save…It worked well! The longer I stood there and agonized over this purchase-the more money I saved. The two tires, out the door, started at $150.00 By the time I had them put on and paid, the cost had dropped to $100.00-out the door. It was interesting to see how much bargaining power the front desk folks have at Discount Tire. As I always say-it doesn’t hurt to ask “Is that your best price?”

Steve Mertz
Money Saving Monday!

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If those affiliate programs just pick up a little…I could have that Carrera in my Christmas stocking…Right!

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