Money Tip-Negotiate Medical Bills

Yes, Medical bills can be negotiated, according to this months issue of Smart Money.
While only 10 percent of Americans try to negotiate, “more than 60 percent of those who do get discounts,” Anne Kadet writes.

“There’s no need to play hardball. When it comes to procedures that aren’t covered, just let the doc know you’re the one who’s paying and you only want what’s necessary.” Offering to pay immediately can often help seal the discount.

From personal experience I can tell you this does work and I’ve not found that the doctor takes offense. Besides, if you have a doctor that becomes offended…You may want to rethink using that doctor. Another tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for free samples of prescription drugs that you use and are paying for yourself. The same advice applies to your dentist-ask her for a discount and let her know you are footing the bill! For those of you who may try this strategy on your vet-Who are you kidding? He/She knows you will spend to the max on your favorite pet 😉

Steve Mertz
It Never Hurts to Ask!

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  1. Mark @ Dumb Little Man says:

    Hi Steve – your link to the Smart Money article has http:// in it twice. Therefore it’s not linking to their article.

    Just thought I would let you know.

  2. Steve Mertz says:

    Mark-Thanks for the heads up!

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