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You Can’t Always Get What You Want-Especially when it comes to learning financial success. I read a lot of blogs and constantly see comments asking “tell me exactly what you do” or “show me the site that exactly does this money making secret”. It doesn’t work that way-we all have to find our own way and make it work for us. Shoemoney recently got some really nice comments from a reader who was looking to find his financial way or to find his own Groove.
Here are some of the readers more poignant comments:

“My whole family was in debt, years!! And not only 50K like shoe wrotes in this post, we lost our home and everything you ever can lose, i tried so many things in my whole life that i cant list them all, always trying to make some money, sometimes i succeded, sometimes not, well most times not”!

“This post(from Shoemoney) changed my life, i tried MONTHS to copy his results he had with ringtones but i didnt succeded, only made little profits, the bills on my desk growed to an huge mountain, and i always had the thought of giving up”.

“Until i thought by myself, why copy him why not give your own ideas a chance? And this was exactly the day i started making profits, today i earn more a month than i ever thought i will, in a few weeks all my bills are paid and i can start a whole new life”!

Pretty cool realization wouldn’t you say? That’s why we can all read and go to seminars about how to break the code of money success-but we won’t be truly successful until we start trusting ourselves and bringing ourselves into the equation. I’m a huge believer in mentors and coaches but at some point it becomes my show and I have to trust myself. I didn’t clean up the guys writing-you are seeing it as it was written 🙂

Via Shoemoney.

Steve Mertz
Good Luck!

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