My Favorite Hedge Fund Is

Goldman Sachs is my favorite hedge fund. Goldman is up over 40% for the year-A record many true hedge funds would be envious of. Goldman is obviously not a true hedge fund but they sure run it like one!

I don’t want to have to learn to play the currency game or learn about each and every commodity-My hedge fund, Goldman Sachs, does it for me. More than any other investment bank, Goldman relies on trading gains to drive it profits. I know, it’s not as sexy as those nice index funds but for those looking for a little diversification, you may want to look at Goldman Sachs when it pulls back in price.

Steve Mertz
Goldman is My Hedge Fund!

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  1. Military Money says:

    Are hedge funds a good idea for small investors? I’ve read that most hedge funds have large expense fees.

    Also, I created a blog to help military members with finances. Would you like to exchange links? Thanks.

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