My Perfect Woman Has…

My perfect woman has great abs, personality, and great health insurance? Who would of thought that having great health insurance would be such a big factor in dating today. According to the Wall Street Journal this is a huge benefit for online daters. I can see where having health insurance is critical to your personal financial success but this does surprise me!

One add posted by a woman said: “Someone who can feel the wonder of nature. I am a romantic and you are too.” Also, her ideal man should “have health insurance and use it.” How about those apples?

Health insurance is very expensive and complex today and not having it has certainly wreaked havoc with many a financial plan but some of these ads are down right amazing! How about: “Are you strong, smart and sophisticated, confident and kind, without being too uppity or conceited? Do you make at least $75,000 a year and have health insurance?

But my favorite was when a man was on a romantic date with his online woman and she asked him point blank whether she’d qualify for benefits if they ultimately married.
Wow, romance has taken on a whole new meaning.

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Steve Mertz
Well Pumpkin, do you have health insurance?

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