My Swimming Coach Would Be A Great Money Coach

This morning I swam my fastest ever 50 Meters. My time was one minute and five seconds-Thanks to Jillian, my coach. Sarabeth and the other big dogs do their 50’s in 25 seconds-but I know my limitations and Coach assures me my time will get lower…Or else! šŸ™‚ A couple of thoughts come to mind that may help you in your financial journey. 1. She had me start with Baby steps, otherwise I would have been overwhelmed. I’m almost at a Mile now because of her plan of action. Maybe your Baby steps will be with a cash flow statement from MSN Money, their site is : and it’s free! I hope you find a coach or trusted advisor as good as Jillian-you might start at this site: , they provide you with a directory of Certified Coaches. Remember I mentioned my limitations. Because of my childhood illness I knew that a mutimillion dollar pitching contract with the Yankees wasn’t going to fly. Seek out a Truth Teller and look at your situation and see what if any adjustments you may need to achieve your Financial Prosperity. Have a Fabulous weekend FunSeekers!!

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