National Save for Retirement Week

Did you miss it-It was October 22 through October 28! According to TIAA-CREF, employees should take a good look at retirement options available to them with their current employers. TIAA-CREF came out with their “Five Ways to Jump Start Your Retirement” see if you would add or delete from their suggestions.

1. Start Saving Now

The sooner you begin saving for retirement, the better.

2. Make a Plan

Create a strategy that makes sense for the goals you want to achieve, understand your time horizon.

3. Know Your Risk
Your risk tolerance, or ability to handle declines in your portfolio value, should guide you on the construction of your retirement portfolio.

4. Seek Objective Advice

A successful savings strategy starts with personalized, fully independent, objective recommendations so that you can make informed decisions about your retirement portfolio.

5. Shop Smart
It’s key to be an informed investment shopper.

It’s advice that makes a ton of sense and is very straight forward-but darn, it’s so hard for millions of Americans to implement this advice! I for one, think that all the talk about “retirement planning” puts many people off becasue when you are twenty something, it’s almost imposible to grasp this foolishness. It makes me believe that we should call it something else, freedom fund, take this job and shove it or anything but retirement planning! What do you think of TIAA-Creff’s suggestions?


Steve Mertz
What is Your Exit Strategy?

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