Need Venture Capital-Want to learn the "Secret Handshake"?

If you are an Entrepreneur or sitting in a cubicle fantasizing about starting the next Google-Denver, Colorado is the place to be tomorrow! The Rockies Ventures Club will be hosting their 18th Annual Colorado Capital Conference.

I have written before about the terror I faced when presenting to Venture Capitalists-they are definitely a tough audience. The format of this all day conference is focused on connecting companies to funds. Cash Flow is King! The event has two tracks: one designed to educate entrepreneurs and one designed as an investor forum where pre-screened, rehearsed deals are presented to a panel of funding sources! For any entrepreneur who has wondered about the mysterious world of Venture Capitalists-Buckle Up! This is like getting a mini MBA in a day.

I am looking forward to hearing the keynote address by Reid Hoffman, CEO and Founder of LinkedIn and previously, EVP of PayPal plus a host of other speakers and workshops. Here are the specifics of the meeting for those entrepreneurs who may want to attend the Rockies Ventures Club Conference.

Steve Mertz
Make a Venture Capitalist Your Friend!

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