Nicholas Schorsch-His Money Making Idea Worked

I constantly have readers come to my blog when they do a Google search on Nicholas Schorsch. I had mentioned Nicholas back in a post on Friday, April 22, 2005-the article was called What’s Working?-Cash Flow Friday It continues to be one of this blogs favorite posts so I’ve given you a link to it. In a nutshell, Nicholas was operating a cemetery when the bank he did business with, CoreStates was bought by First Union. Because of the merger, 105 branch banks were set to close. Nicholas sensed an opportunity and started Asking questions. He went to his banker-(Network), build it before you need it, and bought all 105 branches for $22.3 million. He then leased the buildings back to the bank-Cash Flow!!

This guy on the other hand, does not read In Cash Flow We Trust, and was having a bad day-Nick Nolte after a night of drinking & being arrested!

Steve Mertz
Entrepreneurs are Great!
PS Looks Like Nicholas and I Use the same barber 🙂

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