One Million Dollars in a 401-k

When I took over control of our 401-k it had about $300,000 dollars in it-a good sum of money. I took the account over to and decided to use some mutual funds: and plus some individual stocks-the total portfolio was geared for growth. I wanted to see if I could make one million dollars using my knowledge-my dream portfolio at the time. Well, it hit one million about three years later and then $1,200,000- more money than I had imagined. It can be done with a good market, research and discipline. At Firsthand Funds my favorite manager was Kevin Landis, a Great Bull Market manager. At Janus, my favorite was Helen Young Hayes, since retired. In addition, I looked inside their top ten holdings and would buy individual stocks based on their holdings-look at to see top holdings, keep in mind the data may not be current but you will pick up Themes. I looked at my progress every day on the computer, just as I recommend that you do-Visualization does work! Today, my purpose has changed- I am building my portfolio for Growth & Income. PS. there is more to this story to come!

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    Congrats. Way to beat the market. Maybe you should manage our money!

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