Personal Finance and Organization

Jonathan, at My Money Blog, had a post about Needing To Improve My Organizational Skills…Haven’t we all had that same thought? Barbara Hemphill and I have talked before about clutter-physical, emotional and financial. There does seem to be a correlation. Her system is first class and you can get more of a view here. When I was a financial advisor Barbara came into our office and implemented her system in an office of my colleague. The end result was fabulous-Before Barbara, my colleague’s desk made Jonathan’s desk look organized. Barbara stresses that a critical component is the 15 minutes at the end of the day to file “the stuff”. Otherwise, you get up in the morning looking at a complete mess. We also touched on some of these issues in an interview I did with her. I’ve got a free preview here if you are interested. Her interview is half way down the page.

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