Personal Finance-Before You Say "I Do"

If you don’t manage your personal finances well before marriage-it doesn’t mysteriously get better afterwards. This really is the gist of another Personal Finance book by Michelle Singletary. The book is called Your Money and Your Man:How You and Prince Charming Can Spend Well and Live Rich. I don’t know that I would recommend that you rush out and buy this book unless you have never read something on the subject matter before, on the other hand-do you have concerns about Prince Charming’s spending habits? Does he handle what he earns right now in an effective manner? Can you approach the subject of money without it turning into an out right cursing match? If you have concerns now-let me assure you they will not mysteriously disappear when you are married. When I was an investment advisor the biggest problem was not the earning of money but rather the non-communication of how it would be spent, and yes, men are the worst offenders based on my experiences. Men have a tendency to think about the future-how it will be when they get the promotion. How their new start-up will allow them to get off the corporate treadmill…Meanwhile the bills keep coming! Don’t get me wrong-I encourage individuals to Dream Big, just be sure that you are communicating with your spouse and are both on the same page. Here’s a link to the book summary in in cash flow we trust.

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