Personal Finance Challenge:How to Generate Cash Flow

Yesterday, I challenged Personal Finance aficionados with a challenge of generating significant cash flow-primarily from home. It really goes against the grain of what we are taught from our early upbringing. We are taught about the virtues of a college degree, from Harvard, and ,maybe the pursuit of an MBA. We are taught the power of becoming a networking guru and how making effective public presentations can enhance our career. Free Money Finance has written extensively about how important your career is and how it can be your number one producing asset…And then in a blink, your “career” is taken away because of an unforeseen illness-pretty scary!

Several years ago I was appointed by the Governor of Colorado to a position on The Rehabilitation Advisory Committee. The purpose of the board was to see that the Colorado Division of Rehabilitation met their responsibilities of trying to find substantial employment for those who were disabled. It was amazing to see how many parents and a lot of single parents who were so passionate about providing decent employment opportunities for their children. The parents had often foregone the corporate world because of its constraints.

I think it’s challenging to think way outside the box and come up with meaningful and significant income opportunities when you take away the umbrella of the corporate world. Starting next week I will offer my suggestions in addition to the contributions of others-It should be a real eye opener and hopefully a great financial learning experience.

By the way, who do you think will come up with the “best idea” for generating significant cash flow for this woman and others like her-a male or a female? I have a side bet with myself as to whom I think will win this competition! Bring on your best ideas!

Steve Mertz
Cash Flow Without the Corporate Umbrella

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