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In an earlier post I challenged personal finance bloggers and readers to come up with cash flow ideas that could be implemented primarily from home. So, it was ironic that yesterday I posted about the web site Tricks of the Trade-this is a site dedicated to putting together best ideas from various professionals. The ideas will then be put into a book.

Therefore, my idea for the woman with an autistic child would be to do a variation of Tricks of the Trade site. For example, she may want to collect best ideas from parents staying home to care for autistic children. The tips could be broken down into a couple of categories: one would be inspiring and encouraging. The other would be about my favorite subject-Cash flow, show me the money!

Why two categories? If this woman had enough success she could duplicate the success of my buddy, Jack Canfield-with her own line of Chicken Soup for Autistic Souls…
When Jack started this phenomenally successful series of books, he and Mark Victor Hanson did not pay people to contribute stories! Pretty awesome!
The second category would be all about generating serious cash flow for parents who have to stay home with autistic children. I think she might get some fabulous ideas which she could then put in a book and generate my all time favorite thing in the world-Passive income from Royalties. It makes me smile just to read those words 🙂 PS Before Jack’s publisher calls I realize that she could not use the name Chicken Soup for….

Here are the links I’ve mentioned: Personal Finance Challenge: How to Generate Cash Flow!

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