Personal Finance Tip 2 of 54: Will She Get Three Hundred Million?

Tip #2 If You’re Divorced, Check On Whether You Could Get a Higher Social Security Benefit Based on You Ex’s Work Record.

In happier times we see a picture of 62 year old Giles Bensimon, who sits atop the Elle magazine masthead! She is 30 something Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Looks like they are headed to divorce court-will she get a higher social security benefit based on her ex’s record? According to Miss Hoffman:
If you were married for at least ten years and are divorced, you may be entitled to a retirement benefit equal to half of the ex-spouse’s benefit-if it is larger than your own.

Miss Hoffman, throughout her book, looks at this primarily from a womans point of view. I mention this so you will know her perspective. In this case, this guy could be getting social security-she is obviously too young and will have to fend for herself-unless of course she had a sweet pre-nup! She is actually an acomplished model, editor and author of three books-including her latest, The Bikini Book.

This actually is a serious matter for women as well as men so be sure you take note of Miss Hoffman’s good advice. I actually had a female client who was in this position but her husband was younger than she-so she will have to wait even longer for her increased benefits. If you are curious to see how the Bensimon’s story will play out here is the link to the New York Times story: Bikinis, Breakups and the Glam Game.

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