Personal Finance Tip: Build Your Brand

“Everyone is their own small business”-whether you realize it or not. This way the message from Reid Hoffman, CEO and Founder, of LinkedIn. Reid was the keynote speaker at the 18th Annual Colorado Capital Conference hosted by the Rockies Venture Club. It was an exceptional meeting and Reids’ message really hit home for a lot of people. Which is why I cringe everytime a new blogger declares to the world my brand is…Anonymous! In addition to Reid encouraging everyone to realize that they are their own small business he went on to say:
1. You need to build your brand-whether you are in the corporate world or self employed.
2. How do you use your network to promote you and your brand?
3.Reid only looks at financial deals that are referred to him by a trusted friend.
4. He envisions a “great ideal” when employees or entrepreneurs check references on employers and venture capitalists. You can waste a lot of time and brain matter by working with/for a complete jerk of an employer!
5. We all need a “shingle” on the internet-Is yours Annonymous?
6. Good Networking means constantly giving small gifts to those in your network.
7. Passion is how philosophy and business can work together.

I’ll be writing more on the conference but make an effort today to build your most important asset today-“Brand You”! Have a great day.

Steve Mertz
Official Brand Builder

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