Personal Finance Tip-Buy Cash Flow

I was looking back at a post I made a year ago on 4/25/05 speaking about Real Estate Investment Trusts and Oil Royalties for cash flow. As I hear the politicians talking about high oil prices and windfall profit taxes (which don’t work, ask Jimmy Carter) I think the best solution is to invest where our pain is-high gasoline prices. I suggested looking at five stocks back then, so, let’s take a look:

VLO-Valero @ $34.46 on 4/28/06 VLO $64.74 with a stock split
SJT-San Juan Basin Royalty Trust @ 36.89 on 4/28/06 $39.32 Nice Dividend
PTR-Petro China @ $60.21 on 4/28/06 $112.40
BER-WR Berkley @ $21.57 on 4/28/06 $37.42 Nice Dividend
ABR-Arbor Realty Trust @ $25.15 on 4/28/06 $25.90 Nice Dividend

I don’t think Washington will provide any relief to us so, let’s continue to fend for ourselves! Here’s a link to my post of 4/25/05 titled Real Estate and Oil Royalties For Cash Flow.

Steve Mertz
Still Buying Cash Flow!

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