Personal Finance Tip: Cash Flow from Keywords

Many people claim to make bundles with search engine marketing but the market is increasingly competitive and not as lucrative as in the past. NYC money has an interesting article on this matter and notes she had made a boat load of money a few years ago but is making substantially less now because of the competition.

Which begs the question: If you don’t have the deep pockets of a Fortune 500 company can you use this as a means of passive income to supplement your “day Job?” Looks like there are some folks doing it including a mentor of mine. The formula for success has changed a bit but it still relies on search engines and great keywords, summarized by this formula:

Keywords + Search Engines + Discretionary Income = Cash Flow

Here’s an example. Take the Keyword “1031 Exchange”-The top bidder of this phrase is paying around $12 per click. The phrase “1031 Exchange” gets searched approximately 309,000 times a month. Folks doing a 1031 exchange usually have some discretionary income and an immediate need. So, what’s a person to do to get in between some cash flow traffic? Set up an article site! What are the costs? The cost for the template site is $97 and the domain name is approximately $7 a year depending on whom you use. The articles are free-and are in the public domain.

From the information I’ve gathered so far you need to repeat this exercise about 50-100 times before you will be in the six figures-the money comes from Google AdSense ads. For now, it’s working but as NYC points out sometimes these windows of opportunity can close quickly. I’ve not done a site yet but have two in the mix and will update you with the bottom line results! Here is the link to NYC Money post. And the link to the 1031 Exchange Article site.

Steve Mertz
Search Engine Marketing-Alive and Well!

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