Personal Finance Tip for Bald, Disabled, Gay, Hip-Hop & Other Disenfranchised Individuals:)

Will the fact that I’m crippled/handicapped/disabled or whatever, determine my financial success? Does the financial market care? Growing up I was angry about the fact that all the disabled folk I saw appeared to be broke and hopeless. I was sure that no one could understand my special financial circumstances-they were very unique, or so I thought. I wanted to have a sense of community with these disabled folks but because they appeared to be financially destitute, I shied away from them. Don’t most of us feel that our financial situation is unique-until we start finding “community” that we can relate to. Not sure what got me to start thinking about this: 🙂

Today was the launch of Queercents.

Hip-Hop Summit Action Network Get Your MOney Right Financial Empowerment Tour.

This is what is so powerful about the net whether we are disabled, gay, porn star or Hip-Hop bad boy, the financial market will let us attain whatever financial success we desire. As an added bonus, we also have an opportunity to gain community and hopefully great financial advice!

Steve Mertz
Community is Good!

4 Responses to “Personal Finance Tip for Bald, Disabled, Gay, Hip-Hop & Other Disenfranchised Individuals:)”

  1. Nina Smith says:


    Thanks for mentioning Queercents.

  2. James & Miel says:

    Hi Steve,

    A good post…Thanks. It seems like a lot of personal finance literature seems like its written by and for single white guys, so its nice to see some recognition of diversity.



  3. Steve Mertz says:

    You are Welcome Nina-Good luck on your venture!

  4. Steve Mertz says:

    Thanks James-The money world is still dominated by white males and there is always room for differing ideas! PS When I started with Merrill Lynch in our office of 90 brokers I was the only one with a disability 🙂

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