Personal Finance Tip for Great Meetings

Have you ever been sitting in your favorite Starbucks or wherever your second office is, and a stranger walks up and says: “are you Joe/Jane Blow?” It happened again to me when I was over at Starbucks working on my book. It was obvious that the woman was there for a business meeting and I could not help but thinking what a weak way to start a business meeting. Is it just me? I really believe that this places you in an unflattering light. I have mentioned before here that No “A” Game-No Cash Flow.

How hard is it to go to Google search and plug in your party’s name or at the very least tell them you will be wearing a neon green blazer or something?? Why not feel comfortable and in a position of power when going to the next business meeting-it takes very little preparation.

Steve Mertz
I Am Not Danny Devito!

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