Personal Finance Tip-Poor People are Lazy and Wicked

Robert Kiyosaki’s comments come at an opportune time since I am updating the Cash Flow contest. I’m sure that Debra Shafer and millions like her will sleep better this evening knowing that because of very extenuating circumstances-she is now Lazy and Wicked-Sorry to break the news Debra.

Fortunately, there are several of you who have a different opinion and have submitted your best cash flow ideas for individuals who are forced to stay at home and care for disabled children-Thanks! Here’s this weeks update:

1.Single Ma says: How about start a blog?

2.Tricia-Write resumes from home and write ebooks or hold local conferences on resume writing.

3. Rebecca-
I like the idea of her making money on the Internet. I especially like the idea of making autism her focus. She could start a page with information and links to other resources that have Affiliate arrangements, thus she earns money from the resources she lists and recommends.
She could also interview some experts and other parents and create a series of “how to” ebooks for other parents, teachers, etc.
Thanks to all the entries so far-Any more great ideas?

4. Mitchell-
But my home-based business idea for the woman you wrote about would be to start a home-based collection agency… “

Thanks for sharing your best cash flow ideas and remember the more detail you give, hint, hint, the more the judges will have to go on. Feel free to submit your best idea King Kiyosaki!

Steve Mertz
Cash Flow is King!

3 Responses to “Personal Finance Tip-Poor People are Lazy and Wicked”

  1. Kira says:

    I am in the process of setting up an online business of my own, if she is computer savvy and has time to work on it (not full time, but it works better if you have some scattered bits of time through the day, as opposed to only working on it in the evening) – the site would be similar to If she doesn’t have a lot of time or isn’t computer savvy, then I can point her to a collection of websites where she can earn some extra money without running her own site, or if she is more entrepreneurial she could start her own. I am still in the process of setting mine up, so I don’t know all about it yet, but I can certainly show her how to use other people’s sites. I pushed really hard last month and made about $200, spending about $500, and could have spent less if I were smarter about it. But you can earn smaller amounts for free.

  2. Tim says:

    I wonder if the home-based collection agency would prove successful? That seems interesting. The resume writing idea is a lot less stressful and confrontational. Great post Steve!

  3. Steve Mertz says:

    Thanks Tim-It is sort of poetic justice that Mitchell is refrencing collections for attorneys-some of my favorite whiping boys! The resume idea is very vialbe but my concern would be cash flow-Is there enough dough there? All great ideas though!

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