Personal Finance Tip-Put Those Domain Names to Work!

I was working with some entrepreneurs this week who had bought hundreds of domain names. They’ve had some of them quite some time and are waiting for the “big Payday.” Time will tell if this happens but consider this: If you have domain names collecting dust with GoDaddy you may want to consider this strategy.

Build a single page with that domain name immediately. You can add a little verbiage if you wish and maybe even put some Google Adsense on your site. I’d then put a free counter on your site which you can get at Site Meter. But the main objective you are accomplishing is getting your site and this domain name indexed in the search engines. Many of us know that this can be a slow and painful process. Now, when you go to sell this great domain name you may be able to get a premium because you have 1. Site Statistics and 2. Your domain name is already indexed with the search engines! Food for thought-What are people doing with those domain names that you are waiting to have discovered?

Steve Mertz
Make Domain Names Work for You!

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