Personal Finance Tip: What Do You Need To Let Go Of?

I believe we all have something we need to let go of to achieve the next level of financial success. When I was clawing my way up the corporate ladder at Merrill Lynch my partner looked at me one day and said:”Can you clean those things up-they look like hell.” I sat there in stunned silence for a moment and looked at my crutches.

My first thought was that is the cruelest thing anyone has ever said to me. He continued sensing my complete shock: “Mertz you have on a great suit, pressed shirt, new tie and shined shoes but those crutches need cleaned up.” I looked at them again and said: “you are right-they do look like hell.” I went home that evening and took the scrub brush to those scratched, dingy, “crippled grey” crutches. Shortly thereafter I bought a new pair of custom made crutches that were 50% lighter and had a flashy paint job to boot. I threw those crippled grey crutches out-forever letting go of them. It was one of the most liberating things I had ever done.

Those old, dingy crutches represented an attitude of I can’t be financially successful, no one in my family had ever achieved financial success. Letting go of those dingy crutches was the critical event for me launching my journey of financial success! The most empowering thing about this change was it was something that I could control, it wasn’t a huge financial burden to get custom crutches but that simple act got me thinking of other beliefs about financial prosperity that I needed to let go of!

With the long weekend coming up you may want to ask yourself what beliefs you need to let go of-what financial beliefs really aren’t serving you? I threw those crippled grey crutches out and created some room some additional space for new thoughts and beliefs that would better serve me. Go home and throw something out that will generate some space for you. It’s a symbolic gesture but by letting go of something you create the space for something new-something that will serve you better! As it turns out, today I now sell those custom crutches and the ergonomic handle I invented-The Right Grip. In my wildest dreams I did not imagine myself selling great looking titanium crutches but people love them and they look great to boot!

Steve Mertz
What Do You Need to Let Go Of?

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