Power Phrases for Financial Networking

Here are some phrases you want to keep in your back pocket for when you run into the big dog!
1. How did your first really great (stock, real estate, business venture) present itself?
2. Is there a common thread among your closest business associates, such as college alumni buddies?
3. I’m assembling a team of business associates to pursue opportunities, may I ask your input?
4. Who typically brings you your best investment opportunities?
5. The headline in the wall Street Journal about….Was very good. Will it influence you to invest differently?
6. What’s working for you to generate income in this market?
7. I’ve always wanted to ask you about…
8. I thought of you when I read an investment article on…
9. May I ask you how you structured your first deal, and with the expertise you’ve gained, would you do anything differently today?
10. Have you ever purchased real estate with “no money down” or gotten cash back at closing?
Hope this gives you some starting material šŸ™‚

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