Productivity and Personal Finance

Laura Stack has also helped me win the organizational battle. It’s true, I need two consultants to help me keep organized-how pathetic. đŸ™‚ I attended a presentation of hers and use her methods today-particularly when it comes to emails and meetings. Since I have four blogs, consulting and speaking engagements and some personal coaching going on, I can get overwhelmed in email and stuff. Laura has a rule about emails: when they come in only “touch” them once. Read it and discard, put in folder or trash it without reading. Making folders and only “touching” the email once has really helped me. I do the same process with paper that comes in my office and home. It’s hard to only touch it once but you will save hundreds of hours a year if you implement it! Like Barbara, Laura gives these workshops all the time and have to walk their talk-I think both can help you win “the battle”. In the personal financial arena, I do everything on line and do keep a paper back up for about a year-then it’s thrown out. I also scan a lot of things of interest to me so I don’t have to keep huge paper files. One of my favorite files just for fun are great wines. I have different folders for reds, whites, specialties etc.

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  1. Rajen Devadason says:

    Dear Steve,

    What a small world. I’ve also attended a talk by Laura Stack – only in my case it was last year in Singapore. She’s an outstanding young lady with a doting husband, John.

    There’s good stuff in her book. Also, I believe she’s coming out with a new one in June.

    She’s as great a resource in the area of personal productivity as you are in cashflow generation ideas.

    Take care.

    Warmest regards,


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