Reinventing Your Cash Flow Strategies

I heard Leslie Charles, a speaker the other day. She was mentioning how she liked to name her years, which I think is a fabulous idea. Check her site out at After hearing her thoughts the year of 2005 is my year of Reinvention of cash flow ideas. Whether you are twenty or fifty something you may want to look at jump starting your financial efforts. Two keys are asking better questions and building a great Financial Network-it’s OK to have people that you just share financial ideas and opportunities with-they don’t necessarily care about your family etc… For more ideas on Networking check out Keith Ferrazzi at an excellent source of overall Networking ideas. I will be sharing some strategies that individuals are using to jump start their Financial Success -hopefully you will find one that speaks to you! Did you notice in the Wall Street Journal today that Hedge Funds returns are down-harder to find opportunities! This will be a tough year in the market. I continue to focus on Cash Flow stocks. Put these two on your radar screen: WTR, Aqua America and KMI, Kinder Morgan, more on these later-Have a great day.

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