Remeber This Challenge ?

Back on July 8 of this year I offered a challenge to all bloggers and readers in this post called A Challenge to all Personal Finance Bloggers & Readers. The challenge is to come up with a fabulous cash flow idea for a mom who needs to stay at home and tend to her disabled child.

Here’s an update thanks to a promt from Single Ma-Thanks! I am going to let his run for 30 more days and will update the best ideas every Wednesay. At the end of 30 days I will turn over the suggestions to some bloggers who have no interest in this contest and let them decide the winner. The winner gets a $200 gift certificate to the restaurant of their choice.

So far here are the suggestions:
1. Single Ma says: How about start a blog?

Throw up a few Google targeted ads, consider, amazon links, and other sponsors. The blog can be about autism and her experience. It can serve to educate/help others in similar situations, be quasi-therapy for her, and generate a little cash flow.

2. Tricia at Blogging away debt sent me an email with this suggestion:

In Debra’s case, she worked in HR. She probably
> would
> have valuable skills in helping other’s write
> resumes!
> She probably saw her fair share of resumes (good
> and
> bad) and knows what would catch the eyes of HR
> staff
> all over the country. This is a position she
> could do
> remotely from home and it could be flexible. From
> there, she could write ebooks or hold local
> conferences on resume writing.

So far, that’s it so feel free to jump in and I apologize for not giving this a time frame to start with.

Steve Mertz
What are Your Best Cash Flow Ideas?

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4 Responses to “Remeber This Challenge ?”

  1. Rebecca Morgan says:

    I like the idea of her making money on the Internet. I especially like the idea of making autism her focus. She could start a page with information and links to other resources that have Affiliate arrangements, thus she earns money from the resources she lists and recommends.

    She could also interview some experts and other parents and create a series of “how to” ebooks for other parents, teachers, etc.

    It will take a little time, but she’s smart and creative and can get some money in the door pretty quickly if she attracts customers via Ad Words.

  2. Steve Mertz says:

    Thanks for your input Rebecca-Job one would be to generate some serious traffic to her site becasue I want her to make $100,000 a year +++
    Thanks, Steve 🙂

  3. James & Miel says:


    How about having a garage sale? I know its a bit old-fashioned, but you can pick up a quick 100 or 200 that way!



  4. Steve Mertz says:

    James-this poor woman would have to have a garage sale every day to make a decent living. I’m thinking she and others like her need more of an auto pilot system to generate some serious passive income!

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