Retirement Ideas for Kids

I’ve written in the past about clever ways to put away a boatload of money for kids. I love the approach taken over at Financial Baby Steps by the very kind Uncle! But, this endeavor is pretty labor intensive and you know me-I really love passive income.

James Altucher, who writes The Daily Blog Watch over at Real Money highlited a post that got me thinking about another clever way to fund a boat load for kids. The post was titled Who Says Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees. Yaser Anwar points out in the post that had your parents put up $10,000 in timber in 1972 you would now be sitting on over half a million dollars. Don’t know what the timber was but I do know lumber prices are going to the moon. A friend of mine has parents who live in Mississippi and a lumber company plants their property with pine trees and harvests them-they are about due for harvesting and my buddy will eventually reap the financial rewards. Thanks to the forward thinking of his parents!

I’ve got wood on my mind because my buddy has had me helping him build custom wine racks the past couple of days-I’d rather be blogging it’s easier! When we build these custom wine cellars we use western red cedar-they are very proud of this wood!! It’s makes great looking wine racks though. I am about finished with my slave labor project and will look forward to doing more blogging 🙂

By the way, those are not our wine racks in the picture-ours are much better looking and I will provide pictures soon to prove it! But, my buddy is having this expensive static web site built to showcase my/his/our beautiful work and generate additional business. I made him a little bet and told him that I put up a blog for RK Original Wine Cellars and would make more money and generate more leads. You know I will win don’t you? Seriously, when other small business owners ask me about the web I tell them unequivocaly they should build a blog and not a web site!! I’ll let you know how the bet goes.

PS My buddy tells me minimum wage is $2.30 an hour and I should be thankful to be getting it-not to mention the experience!

Steve Mertz
Master Wine Rack Builder

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