Retirement Planning for Babies

I love the ingenuity of the blog called Financial Baby Steps. The blog is about baby Margot, written by her uncle. Baby Margot is already making cash flow with her Google Ads-pretty cool way to get a jump on retirement planning. The blog was launched in September of 2005 and already has a Google Page Rank of 5. Nicely done Uncle! Now, maybe you aren’t as motivated as uncle-and have no ambition to blog for the next 17 years, but you still like the idea of funding a baby’s retirement planning. Here’s a variation on this idea. Put up a blog, write a few articles, get Google ads on your site and let the good times roll! This site is in the early development stages but should give you a format idea. By the way, I have no financial interest in this site. If you do put up a site and write articles be sure to submit them to a site called Ezine Articles.. This site will distribute your articles across the net and get more traffic to your site and more hits on your Google Ads!

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