Retirement Planning Tip 4

Retirement Planning Tip #4 is: Conduct a Search for All Your Financial Documents.
While this is not the most titillating tip it is a necessary evil. If you are twenty something this is not a huge deal because you haven’t had years to cram financial documents in a file drawer. On the other hand, if you are fifty something this has a little more relevance, doesn’t it?

I advise clients to keep current financial records in an active file drawer near them. Once they are over a year old-file them in a “bankers” box with the appropriate labeling for future needs. I also like to scan them in my computer and keep records in files I create-Of course, like you, I’m meticulous about backing up my computer files, Right!!

Look at it this way, had I not kept some semblance of files I would have never known that I was due $29,871.63-that was a pretty good return on my investment of time!

Steve Mertz
I Hate Searching for Misplaced Records!

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