Retirement Planning Tip

For nearly two decades, Rita led an incredibly exotic and adventurous life. She stared longingly at Rick, the American stockbroker. She wanted him…To explain the financial crisis she was now feeling at the age of 40.

That’s not exactly how Financial tip 8 of 54 read in The Retirement Catch-Up Guide but I took a little literary privilege. The tip is actually: Give Your Future a Reality Check. The picture is a little fuzzy on most screens when you are twenty something but it becomes much sharper after 40!

One thing is certain: If you are use to a certain life style in your twenties and thirties the future expectations are pretty much set. At this point you can look at your future for the reality check and see if you have the financial resources to maintain the status quo. Some would suggest that you cut back and deny yourself life’s little luxuries. I would propose a compromise-look at additional ways you can create income and cut back on some expenditures. My experience has been that you will have more buy in if you review your choices and make changes that you can live with over the years!

Steve Mertz
Time for a Financial Reality Check!

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