ReviewMe Launches a Better Payperpost!

ReviewMe is still paying bloggers a little sway to write about their new services…Including this post. ReviewMe is a PayPerPost- like service that pays bloggers to write about advertisers’ products. Interestingly, the review does not have to be favorable, it merely has to reflect the bloggers experience.
These entrepreneurs are backed by Text-Link-Ads, which was recently acquired.

ReviewMe has a different model than PayPerPost. With PayPerPost the advertisers set a single fee that is paid to all bloggers regardless of their size and traffic. ReviewMe uses an algorithm (much like our friends at Google) based on Alexa, Technorati and other statistics to determine the importance of the blog-Yes, even in the blog world you are judged! Based on that judgment, bloggers will be paid a different fee and blogger payments range from $30-$1,000 per post. Not a bad day at the blog office.

Bloggers must fully disclose that the review is a paid advertisement. This is an area where PayPerPost was heavily criticized for not requiring full disclosure. Bloggers can choose a format for disclosure such as “Paid Advertisement”, The following is a paid review.” It’s almost like going to the movies and seeing all those paid placements for products.

Good luck ReviewMe, make a ton of money and help bloggers earn a little swag on the side. This was a paid review of ReviewMe.

Steve Mertz
Cash Flow from Reviews

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