Riches in Niches

I just finished reading Riches in Niches by Susan Friedman. The sub title is How to Make it Big in a Small Market. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book on Niches and highly recommend it. I’ve been an entrepreneur for thirty years and have met countless others. We have this tendency to try to be all things to all people-and fail miserably. The key is to mine all the riches available to you in niches!

Susan does a great job in honestly and thoroughly covering what it takes to be successful as a Nichepreneur! The word Nichepreneur is a word coined  by Susan and I believe she really hits the mark by encouraging entrepreneurs to focus on specific niches. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many successful Nichepreneurs and their singular focus always amazes me. Susan gives many examples of individuals who have focused on specific niches and the strategies they employ. Don’t be afraid to focus on your passion and expertise-Susan has provided you a road map in this book Riches In Niches!

I would recommend two things to all you entrepreneurs out there: buy a copy of Susan’s book. Read her book and really study the strategies. The second thing I would do is to watch The Big Idea every night with Donny Deutsch. The Big Idea and Donny Deutsch will affirm to you that there is plenty of money to be found by following your passion and mining the Riches in Niches!

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