Rolex-Money-Impulse Purchase Follow Up

One of the most popular Google searches to my site continues to be “money from Rolex.” So for all of you who love to buy and sell Rolex watches let me give you an update on Cash Flow from my Rolex. I purchased my Rolex Submariner for $4,725.00 from a dealer here in Denver-this was not a smart purchase, it was an impulse purchase. Having bought and sold Rolex watches at a profit-I knew better! I was in the watch too deep and when I grew tired of it, after less than a year-I tried to sell it for $3,900. I know, quite a loss but I had my eye on the Rolex Daytona.

I did learn something from this experience-I found a great site to purchase Rolex and other great mechanical watches. Fortunately, I had not yet bought a watch winder for my new watch. If you do need an automatic watch winder I did find a good source called Wind the Watch. The site is called The Trading Post. They have great prices and a very liquid market for Rolex and other mechanical watches. Don’t be a bone head like me if you get the urge for a Swiss watch-check this site out before making any purchases. Good luck!

Steve Mertz
Mechanical Watch Movements Intrigue Me!

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