Sales Jobs Are Where the Big Money Is

Sales jobs are some of the best ways to become financially independent, from my personal observations! In particular, sales jobs that pay a base salary plus commission. My good friend  worked selling yellow page, had full benefits, a salary and commission opportunities. He earned over $250,000 a year and retired early. Granted, he was a very good sales person and worked hard. I mention sales because it truly is a great way to make a lot of money until you go out on your own and become self employed-that is where we mint the most millionaires.

If you have a college degree and advanced degrees you may become a data scientist, one of the hottest jobs around, but be prepared to have a PHD in mathematics-this was way out of my league 😉 I personally have seen more millionaires who were in some form of sales and to that end I’m going to make it easier for you who choose that path.

I have added a new tab to my site called sales jobs. It will take you to a sales job board which is updated daily. There is no cost to you and I have included sales and marketing jobs which are with salary and some that are straight commission-for the brave of heart. Give it a try and please feel free to make any suggestions as to what you might like to see and what you find helpful.

Good hunting and hopefully sales and marketing jobs may enhance your journey to financial freedom!

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