Sales People Ask Better Questions

Last week I was speaking to a company’s sales force. The Company wanted better sales and a more motivated sales force. I spoke to the sales force about their Financial Exit Strategy-by understanding and defining their exit strategy the Company will get more Productivity. Why is that? Sales People are some of my favorite audiences, they are motivated and expect to finish first and they ask better questions. 1. I helped some of them focus on what vehicle they felt most comfortable with-real estate, stocks,etc. We all need to do this exercise. 2. Who or What do they need to help them in this journey? 3. How much-By When? 4. Refine their questions when speaking to the Big Dogs about Financial Success. For example: A. How did your most successful financial opportunity come to you? B. What was the biggest challenge you faced to take advantage of the opportunity? C. What do you do differently today-based on your past experiences? Sales people already know how to ask great questions-so do you. It’s just a matter of having a couple of questions in your pocket that you can snap off when an opportunity presents itself. We will all be more productive when we are Passionate and clearly define what our financial success path looks like. Great site for Networking tips: this is by Keith Ferrazzi. The second site has a great interview with Dr. Ari Kiev. It is a one hour long web cast on the psychology of Trading/Winning I highly recommend you listen even if you are not a trader – The Psychology of risk

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  1. Michelle Zeiser says:

    Hey – Hope you are doing well – Did you speak to another team or to your team or was it outside of Q?

    I need to get in gear w/ my financial situation – & – learn more on the stock market…

    Takce care – Michelle

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