Saving for Retirement

What does that that phrase mean to you? I was reading an excellent post over at The Budgeting Babe the other day(Sunday, July 10). She was talking about the popular phrase “Within My Means” and the many meanings that has to different individuals. She went on to talk to friends and learn what their definition of “live withing your means” and got some interesting answers. I’m not sure exactly when the phrase “Saving for Retirement” first came into play but it is interesting to note that in “The Richest Man In Babylon“, a classic by George Clason, there is no mention. I think for many people the phrase rings hollow for two basic reasons: How much, by when is not answered. If we can not answer that question we will never get buy in from our all powerful mind-sad but true. As you enjoy the week end mull it around, ask a few friends and see if my assumption is correct. Have a great and prosperous weekend! Steve

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