Search Engine Optimization continued

Suppose you need to jump start your road to financial independence and happen to have a computer and a little time to commit-read on. The first tool I want to introduce you to is a site at Go there and look for the “resource center” and click on it. Then choose keyword selector tool and click on it – You should be looking at a little pop up called key word selector. Plug in a word or phrase that you think gets a lot of hits in a Google search and it will tell you how many times a month that phrase got searched (multiply the figure times 4 to get a global number). For example I plugged in Search engine optimization and found it got 85,361 hits in December-Imagine if your blog was called Search Engine Optimization 🙂 Play around with this tool today and tomorrow I will show you two sites that are one page in length and generate over $79,000 a year in passive income. I know, thats no million dollar home page but what the heck it could make for a nice evening out or buy some nice treatment for your pets that my blogger buddy Free Money is always talking about. See you tomorrow!

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