Search Engine Optimization: My Second Favorite Subject!

You may recall that on Tuesday, July 11,2006, I was whining and pleading about my Google Page Rank of “0” over at my blog Sales Presentation Training :

By the way, I can’t believe I still have a Google Page Rank of “0” at my blog where you can hear Guy’s presentation but let’s see if we can’t get it to at least a 1??
Here it is : Public Speaking Video: Guy Kawasaki.

Well, on Thursday of this week, my Google Page Rank is suddenly a 4! Furthermore, if you do a MSN search for “sales presentation” I come up number 2! Thank you all. The point of all this is if you consider yourself to be a small business owner and you want/need cash flow, or just a blogger looking to break out of “0” -we can learn from my experiment.

I chose this domain because I wanted to use my experience as a financial advisor and speaker to work with financial professionals who give public presentations. I have been blogging since March 2006 with poor traffic and poor search results. Here’s what I implemented to try to turn the tide:

1. I paid close attention to my title bar and was careful in key word selection
2. I tried to blog with some frequency.
3. I used key words carefully in my titles and posts
4. I participated in Carnivals
5. I added an email sign up
6. I used technorati tags with frequency
7. I tried to cultivate some link exchanges
8. I tried to post information of value and not just post for the heck of it
9. I did ping after every post
10. I did not submit the blog to all the search engines-but should have.

The best part is I am getting calls for my services and am starting to generate cash flow!

So, now what am I going to do: Move over to WordPress before sales presentation training gets to be as big as this blog. Hope it doesn’t kill the Google ranking…
If I were a small business owner I would definitely put a blog together before I bothered with a static web site because of my experiment results!

Steve Mertz
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