Search Engine Optimization Results Continued

In my last post I showed you how my buddy, Tom Antion , was making $36,000 a year from his site . I will now show you the second site he put together which is making $43,000 a year. The site is called . Yes, a little morbid but when Tom’s father died he realized that he was probably not the only one who could not pull an eulogy from the top of his head and thus this Ebook was created. He followed the same basic format of going to and discovered that the word “eulogy” got a lot of hits with little interest from bidders buying the word. He used another cheap template for the site and hired someone from Craiglist to complete his list of “instant eulogies”. Since the site is a downloadable Ebook and his site is fully automatic-he has to do very little for that $43,000 a year. So if you have a full time job and desire extra income or are looking for sources of money to contribute to your favorite charity-search engine optimization may be an opportunity for you. This intrigues me and I am going to pursue this so I can continue to fund my stock market passion-Hope this information helps!

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