Search Engine Optimization Results

As promised yesterday I will show you two sites that are generating over $79,000 a year and are fully automated. Both of these are owned by my buddy Tom Antion and I have verified the results. The first site is Tom had noticed that the phrase “wedding toasts” got a ton of traffic at and that the bidding for the phrase was relatively cheap. He went to Craiglist and bought the site template for $25. He then had someone write him wedding toasts for a total of $225-he also found them off of Craiglist. He then made an Ebook by using Microsoft word and he was off to the races! This site has averaged $36,000 a year for two years running. I was naive enough to think that if I were selling a book on my site it had to be written by me-but both Tom Antion and James Frey have shown me just how wrong I am!! 🙂 Wedding toasts certainly are not Tom’s passion but what a clever way to pick up an extra $36,000 a year-that’s cash flow I can relate to. Next post I will show you the second site.

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