Should Bloggers Receive Press Credentials?

Steve Rubel over at Micro Persuasion had an interesting post on May 1st about a group of bloggers at Denver Sports Zone initiating a movement to “force Major League Baseball to open up its press pass policy to include the world of legitimate blogging.” I have been silently wondering about this for months-wondering when this day of reckoning would come. I love the idea because the cost of many sporting events is ridiculous and I love free. It’s my favorite budgeting technique.

Steve Pavlina just happens to mention in a post today,
“that In a few days, my wife and I will be attending a three-day seminar via a free press pass. The regular price for these tickets is $500 per person. IÂ?ll be posting a full review of the seminar next week. IÂ?ve been to this particular seminar in 2004, so I already have high expectations for it. Dr. Wayne Dyer will be the keynote speaker.”

What initially got me thinking about all of this is some ads I saw in my local paper The Denver Post. There are some upcoming public seminars on getting motivated with the usual suspects speaking: Zig, Suzy Orman etc…I’ve seen most of these folks before because of my associationon with the National Speakers Association. I am way to cheap to pay for a ticketet but would attend and write on it if I felt there was value to inspire readers to start playing the game of financial independence. So, if you have an area of passion and a blog the next thing I would encourage you to do is to contact the event organizers and request press credentials-let me know how your efforts go!

Steve Mertz
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Press Pass Wanted

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