Show Me the Money

It takes more than hope to win the financial game. At age 6 I was paralyzed from the measles & fortunately recovered nicely. But it had a profound financial impact on me. I learned early that Net Worth doesn’t pay the bills-only cash flow makes that happen. The phrase “saving for retirement” scares me. It suggests being subjected to the whims of the markets, people and invites procrastination. My favorite 30 second elevator speech was “I’m building a growth & dividend paying portfolio that will generate $8,000 month when I’m ready to say Adios.” If you are wondering where you are in the financial game, look at your portfolio right now…Does it throw off enough cash to pay for your Starbucks for a year? I will share with you the best ideas of what’s working-not theory. Please feel free to contact me with ideas or thoughts. My site address is Enjoy the Journey!

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