Some New Blog Links For You

Tenshi No Tsukiakari once said “We are all angels with one wing-We can only fly while embracing each other.” To that end I would like to draw your attention to some new links that I hope will enhance your Financial Journey 🙂 The first is JLP is a fee only financial planner who provides insightful and unbiased information. I’m sure you will enjoy his insights. The next is by Flexo. Flexo works very hard to bring a ton of pertinent information to you and I encourage you to check out his excellent and hard work. The next site I invite you to enjoy is A relative new site loaded with great information and a fun read-Enjoy! The next is It’s Your Money at This site is loaded with info and as he says: “So I made a decision. After thirty years of life, it was about damn time to step up and take control of our money. I wanted to be in that tiny percentage of people who have no debt other than their mortgage. I wanted us to have a strong financial life, and to be entirely in control of it. I wanted to work for me. I wanted our money to work for us. ” I hope you enjoy the additions. Steve

2 Responses to “Some New Blog Links For You”

  1. Flexo says:

    Thanks for the link, Steve!

  2. Steve Mertz says:

    My pleasure-you have informative content and work very hard to help educate everyone 🙂

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