Spring Cleaning Ideas for Cash Flow Optimization

Yesterday I had a coaching session in my home. My client asked me if I had a house cleaner because everything was looking pretty neat. I told her I did because clutter around the house took away from me productive-the clutter would permeate into other areas of my life. This is why I urge you to put your portfolio on your computer-it is always neat & organized. I believe that being organized will help you in your pursuit of financial success. Here are a few recommendations for getting organized. Barbara Hemphill, a speaker buddy of mine is a master organizer and has organizers that will come to your place her site is: www.productiveenvironment.com LauraStack, another speaker buddy, has a great book out which you can get at her site : http://www.theproductivitypro.com/ Believe me, getting organized around your home & office can have a tremendous positive impact on your cash flow success. Now that you are all organized let me direct your attention to three mutual funds that are great to hold when the stock market is going down big time-like the past three days for example. 1. Rydex Dynamic fund, a $25K minimum, symbol is RYVNX info @ www.rydexfunds.com Year to date performance is 25.94% 2. ProFunds Ultra Short, $15K minimum, symbol is USPIX info @ www.profunds.com Year to date performance is 25.65% 3. Potomac Small Cap Short Fund, $10K minimum, symbol is POSSX info @ www.potomacfunds.com Year to date performance is 18.04% Disclosure: I currently do not own any of these funds. Have a great week end!

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    This is an excellent site! I like the way you combine investment hints with humor! Its about time somebody did this! I look forward to seeing more in the future.

    Aaron Ragon

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